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FashionCapital Trunk Show Heads Back to Northern Ireland!


It was wonderful to meet the team at the Fashion Textile & Design Centre (FTDC) in Derry City and Strabane District Council of Londonderry, Northern Ireland yesterday (19th December 2017) headed by Deirdre Williams, Business Development Manager at The Fashion & Textile Design Centre and Danielle McNally from the council.

The Fashion Textile & Design Centre is equipped with an industrial sewing unit and a wonderful seamstress Claudette plus an expansive space for pattern cutting. In addition there are incubator units for new start up designers and what a talented group they are too. Very enterprising!


(From left to right: Emma Curtis her brand is called Emmarie, she has picked up numerous awards since graduating in 2016, Hannah Veal – her brand is called Han and Stephanie Monaghan.)

FashionCapital was running a seminar on the Design Process, Finance and then reviewed major legal issues that all designers need to know about such as Consumer Act, copyright and IP, law of contact and employment contracts too.

Jenny Holloway commented:

“It was an amazing event and extremely interactive with lots of pertinent questions raised. Some excellent business minds were there; there was a clear understanding of 7ps, PEST, costing issues et al.  Too often we see designers being crestive geniuses but they do not always have the business accummen needed to make their brand a success.  The designers at the Fashion Textile & Design Centre are clearly on their way.”

FashionCapital is looking forward to returning in January where an elevator pitch is taking place for an event in February to showcase the designer in London during London Fashion Week.  They will also be awarded retail space in the new retail Stack N15 box park where FashionCapital will be showcasing new and emerging brands in London.

Thank you for the very kind hospitality at the Fashion Textile & Design Centre. The team look forward to seeing you all next January. Until then Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, onwards and upwards in 2018!

Feedback included:

“Very good talk with lots of helpful information given. The speaker was very good and informative.” – Maya

“Fantastic seminar – lots of useful information.” – Alan

“I have learnt a lot about cash flow and issues relating to this, IP’s and managing your finances.” – Edele

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