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FG4 Attend First CPPD Workshop


The aim of the workshop was to upskill their technology team and provide an insight into how the supplier operates so they have a better understanding of the production process. 

FG4 1

The day began with an overview of the garment life cycle and how a factory really operates from fabric delivery to final garment delivery. Production Manager Caroline Ash discussed common problems in a factory that affects a retailer including fabric faults and fabric cutting, sewing, cabbage and lay plans. Also how are AQL’s conducted in a factory environment. 

FG4 2

Following a tour of the Factory and Fashion Studio the group then spent a practical hands on session with Head Pattern Cutter Debbie Smith where they learnt the implications of fit comments and the effect of fitting sessions on a factory’s lead time and can the garment technologist put these faults right? 

FG4 3

They then headed to the Stitching Academy for a further practical session with technician Melissa to understand puckering, the relationship between the needle and thread and to gain an understanding of the bite of the industrial sewing machine. 

FG4 4

It was a pleasure to welcome FG4 for their first CPPD session!

Comments included: 

‘I have learnt pattern adjustments, grading, difference between overlocking stitches and methods of cutting fabrics. Thank you for a lovely day.’ Tabitha, Garment Technologist

‘I now have information on pattern cutting, puckering causes and reasons and how to eliminate. Workings of a factory and things to consider in suppliers (not always the factory’s fault!) Very good and informative.’ J.W, Garment Technologist

‘I have learnt about patterns and how to help the factory understand our comments more to avoid confusion. The stitching academy was very informative and gave a better understanding of the process.’ Naomi, Garment Technologist

‘Very engaging and hands-on day. Overall very informative, friendly and approachable team. A great day, thank you.’ Charlotte, Head of Buying Kidswear

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