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Ravensbourne First Year Students Visit Fashion Enter


The students, whom are currently studying towards their BA(Hons) in Fashion Buying and Brand Management, were presented with the ability to see how a manufacturing company in Britain works, students were keen to visit the factory and take home a new level of understanding of how vital each role within production is and what it really means to be an ethical manufacturer here in Britain. ravensbourneunivisit

The students had the opportunity to see for themselves the design life cycle, quality control checks and the critical path.  Production Manager Caroline Ash was on hand to give the group their own personal tour of the factory, explaining each stage of production and what makes a SMETA approved factory.   In addition, the group were informed of topics including why factories put up their prices, open costings, how factories use standard minutes, cabbage and fabric stock, how to choose the correct components for a garment and the use of industrial machines and the implications on garment delivery.

The group, enjoyed their time spent at the factory and commented;

“I have learnt all about the process of making a garment, difficulties with fabric, cost price, health and safety as well as the factory history.”

“I have learnt how a factory and production of garments run as well as the process of garment construction.  I loved the experience of being able to visit the factory.”

“The seminar has been very informative.  I have learnt a lot about how a factory works and runs.  Also how diverse the working team are.”

“Today has taught me all of the stages a product goes through to get to the finished look, including smaller jobs you might not even consider at times.  Today proved that not all factories and dull and de-motivating.  The workers all looked relaxed and in a calm environment.”

“Today I’ve learnt the importance of understanding the construction of a garment as a buyer… I found the day really informative and I really enjoyed the tour of the factory.  Thank you so much for all of the insight.”

“Today explained first-hand the many factory procedures.  I thoroughly enjoyed the tour and talks and would happily return!”

On Thursday 16th a second group of first year Ravensbourne students visited the factory for our factory uncovered course.  Similar to their class mates who attended yesterday the group found the visit to be eye-opening and commented;

“Today has taught me the regulations factories have to follow to create products.  I found it really interesting to visit.”

“Today I’ve learnt about factory structure and gained an understanding of different stages of the product development.”

“This visit has enabled me to see how a manufacturing factory works and has given me insight into what it means to be SMETA approved.”

“Today has given me knowledge into the exact development of a garment and insight into the legal requirements.”

“I’ve learnt about the safety and functioning of a factory and all about Fashion Enter.  It was a really interesting experience and the information provided was extremely informative and will benefit my course.”

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