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Ravensbourne Students Visit Fashion Enter


On the 8th and 9th February 2017, second year students from Ravensbourne University joined Fashion Enter and the Fashion Technology Academy for a two day workshop on the production process, which gave them insight into how an ethical UK factory operates.  

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 11.33.30 amOn their first day the group were introduced to the garment life cycle as they were taken on a tour of the Fashion Enter factory and Fashion Studio to witness first hand the many stages that go into the life cycle itself.  Leading the group, Production Manager Caroline Ash, presented them with a wealth of knowledge as well as the ability to see first-hand the staff and stages in the production process.  From lay plan cutting to garment quality control, pressing and packaging ready for deliveries the tour ensured that the group were also aware of the health and safety requirements on the factory floor.  Heading up to the Fashion Studio where they met Rosie and Kasia, the students were informed of the sample process and the many services offered by the studio to clients.  They even had the chance to see how a client meeting takes place for themselves.

On the second day of their visit, the group gained practical hands on experience within pattern cutting and stitching.  Debbie (head of patterns) and Melissa (head of the stitching academy) welcomed the group for practical workshops, teaching them the ins and outs of everything they know and giving them useful hints and tips.

Upon their visit the students commented;

“The past two days has taught me all about attention to detail with garments and what happens behind the scenes… I really liked the pattern cutting lecture where Debbie showed us the garments that had faults in.” – Tara

“I have learnt that as a buyer you do need to take into consideration the pattern cutters job as some of a buyers specific requirements may ultimately mean a garment having to be altered else where… I have enjoyed this experience and would definitely want to come back for lectures relating to fashion buying and branding.” – Ellie

“I found the seminar to be very informative and worthwhile, it helped me to gain experience into how a fashion factory operates.” – Holly

“I have learnt more about pattern cutting and how manufacturing is relevant to a buying role.” – Shannon

“The past two days here have taught me the basic skills on pattern cutting, helping me understand the importance of communication between the factory and the buyer… I really enjoyed trying pattern cutting and seeing how simple things can change a garment.” – Sophie

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