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Graveney School visit Fashion Enter


Visiting the Fashion Enter factory with teachers, a group of GCSE students from Graveney School in Wandsworth were welcomed by Jenny Holloway and Caroline Ash and given an exclusive tour of the factory here in North London.

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Producing large scale orders for M&S and ASOS in the factory, as well as smaller orders in the Fashion Studio, the group of students were able to see how a British Manufacturing factory works and the vital roles that make up the skilled work force!

After an introduction led by our CEO, Jenny Holloway, the students followed her down to the factory floor were they were amazed to see all of the many different roles in the production line.  From lay plan designing to cutting of fabric and sewing of garments, the tour ensured the group were able to witness first hand how a garment is manufactured, checked and then shipped.

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On hand to demonstrate their cutting skills, our highly skilled cutters explained their role here at the factory and demonstrated how bulk orders of fabric are cut. Highlighting health and safety in this area, Jenny showed the students the many different precautions carried our along with the equipment used to guarantee the safety of those using heavy and sharp machinery.

Allowing the students to look around the factory, many were keen to see up close what the seamstresses were doing and how they put each piece of fabric together to produce, for example, a dress.

Continuting the tour, Caroline Ash took the group to the Fashion Studio where they met Rosie and Kasia before leading them through the pattern room to the Fashion Technology Academy where they had the chance to speak to our Stitching Academy students and tutors!

Upon finishing their morning with us, the students commented;

“I have learnt about the courses offered and the different processes of selling garments.” – Anna

“Today has taught me how factories respond to the demands of their buyers.” – Susannah

“I have learnt that safety is key in the factory.” – Amy

“The seminar taught me about the importance of keeping the work place clean and tidy as well as the different ways of getting into the fashion industry.” – Wilder

“I have learnt lots about the industry.  I feel much more confident now in my knowledge of the industry, especially about buyers and sampling.  I really enjoyed the tour and found it very interesting and informative.” – Esme 

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