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Freelance Production Worker – Bozena Marszalkowska


Welcome to our latest freelancer Bozena Marszalkowska.

As an award winning social enterprise Fashion Enter supports all of its freelance staff by offering free press and promotion.

Bozena Marszalkowska is available to work as a freelancer for any company or designer and has their own tools for work.

Bozena offers to work by both contract type or hourly work but minimum wage governance applies.

Bozena has other colleagues that she works with and can interchange her work accordingly. Bozena can also decline work offered too.

Many of the self-employed freelancers that approach Fashion Enter do not have strong English skills and that’s why we offer this free marketing service.

Bozena can provide you with skills and expertise but she has the right to decide how the job is done, if she wants to do the work and if Bozena makes mistakes then she knows she has to put the work right at her own expense.

Bozena may have more than one contract going with other clients at the same time and needs to show you her public liability documents too.

Bozena does not require to have training or be involved in your company staff meetings and would not be part of your company disciplinary procedure. 

We welcome Bozena Marszalkowska to Fashion Enter as a flat machinist and wish her business success.

Contact details are: thefactory@fashioncapital.co.uk (please add ’freelance production worker request’ in the subject box)

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