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What Makes a Factory Leading Status in the Ethical Fast Forward Audit?


Do you understand the realities of ethical manufacturing? With the fashion industry named as one of the five main sectors responsible for enabling modern day slavery now more than ever manufacturers need to ensure transparency and compliance. Fashion-Enter was graded as ‘Leading’ in a recent (December 2019) Fast Forward audit. Come and join the Fashion-Enter team for a full-day masterclass on being ethical and transparent in the fashion sector.

Fashion-Enter CEO Jenny Holloway previously worked as a senior buyer for Arcadia and M&S. When she opened the factory in 2008 she understood what retailer’s needed for compliance and therefore amassed a team that centered on ethical trading with deep policies and procedures.

Recently the factory was awarded ‘leading’ status in the ethical Fast Forward audit; the only one in the UK with this status. The full-day ‘What Makes a Factory Leading Status in the Ethical Fast Forward Audit?’ masterclass will explain how this status was achieved. What designers / brands should know about factories before they undertake a visit and review. If you run a factory you will review the files and systems that you need to be retail ready. This is a practical, hands-on workshop that will be invaluable to your business. 

Taking place at Fashion-Enter HQ on Wednesday 29th April 2020, tap this link for the full agenda and to book your place.

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