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The Fashion Fix – ThreeThreeFourSeven


This week’s focus is on small Montréal based fashion brand ThreeThreeFourSeven, a label brought to life by creative director Courtney Pedersen, characterised by its quirky, ethical values – concurrently carrying an original and artful methodology to design. Created with intelligence and a sound understanding in relation to construction, ThreeThreeFourSeven concentrates on slow fashion, crafting one-of-a-kind pieces, which is achieved through provocative, multi-media content.

The brand’s brainchild enrolled at Kootenay School of the Arts where she studied Textiles, which was later followed by Fashion Design located at Lasalle College. In 2015 Pedersen made her Mtl unveiling at Festival Mode Design and since this time has undertaken an exploration into the creative industry, discovering innovative methods to exhibit her work.

ThreeThreeFourSeven is not your generic fashion label – it chooses to delve deep into fashions self throughout society and questions the relationship we have with our clothing. Each individual garment and unique project that is created experiences a DIY and intuitive process, which is mindful and accompanied by a compelling narrative that takes into careful consideration of life after the design.

Materials that have been pre-loved at an earlier stage are therefore reconditioned and independently designed and deconstructed. A significant part of the label’s identity is its affiliation with being ethically minded, where the garments you see throughout Pedersen’s portfolio are always reconstructed from previous items.

The appearance of being recycled gives the clothing an individual quirk and cleverly carries an unorthodox thus feminine aesthetic that is worthy of editorial status. ThreeThreeFourSeven plays less emphasis on the production and consumption of fashion and rather addresses the importance of the design process and evolution, where the brand is additionally mindful of the emotive and fairytale aura that the garments instil.

Clothes that emit a fairytale feel, whilst committing to a sustainable way of thinking – that’s ThreeThreeFourSeven.

Check in next week for more designers, trends, news and views xoxo, Katie

By Katie Farley

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