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^The Fashion Fix^ – Fashion Week Sustainability Special


As we find ourselves almost wrapping up another fashion week season, one thing has been evident: sustainability is here to stay. What was once considered a topical movement is now undeniably a necessary action and one that a steady accumulation of influential designers is taking huge steps towards.

With names including Marine Serre, Victoria Beckham, Stella McCartney, Tommy Hilfiger and many more collectively pioneering a greener kind of luxury, we discover the mindful changes being adopted throughout their latest collections.

For Marine Serre, upcycling is fundamental to her design ethos and Spring/Summer 2020 has been no exception. Fifty per cent of her collection consisted of upcycled looks. One design that has reoccurred is the djellaba crafted from six upcycled scarves and even details such as the chain at the back of the dress is sustainably upcycled. Additionally, the outfit features a pullover made from deadstock towels and a pair of leather trousers – correspondingly designed from deadstock.

It’s not only fashion championing an ethical state of mind, but beauty is also elevating green to new heights, courtesy of Victoria Beckham’s new beauty line, which just so happens to be entirely cruelty-free. The new line that was spotlighted at this seasons London Fashion Week, showcases clean beauty standards, including using ingredients such as sodium hyaluronate or gemstone powder and absolutely no harmful filters.

Acknowledged as the innovator of luxury vegan “leather” goods, Stella McCartney has been one of the key influential designers to follow, creating pieces from the infamous Falabella bag to the designer Adidas shoes. During the past week, McCartney has landed her latest collaboration with Hunter boots, transpiring as one of the markets chicest rain boots that are of course, sustainable, designed from a natural rubber made without petrochemicals and plant-based substitute to neoprene.

Tommy Hilfiger has collaborated with legendary British racer Lewis Hamilton for an all-new capsule line entitled Tommy x Lewis, which was presented amid Milan Fashion Week. It is said that they wanted to make it a priority to establish a cruelty-free line, where all footwear is 100 per cent vegan (as is Hamilton’s diet). Furthermore, Hilfiger and Hamilton ensured to make the line as environmentally friendly as possible, implementing 70 per cent of ethical materials that featured reversible metallic down jackets and polos and t-shirts made from 100 per cent cotton.

Until next time, xoxo, Katie.

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