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Sustainable Manufacturing Insights Webinar


The turning tide towards sustainable products & how to meet consumer needs.

Today, Tuesday 21st September 2021, Fashion-Enter Ltd CEO Jenny Holloway took part in the ‘Sustainable Manufacturing Insights’ webinar hosted by NatWest with WMG and the High Value Manufacturing Catapult.

The webinar is part of a series of five events that aims to provide education, inspiration, insights and business opportunities for the UK sector to build a more sustainable future.

The manufacturing sector is a significant contributor to the UK’s greenhouse gas and CO2 emissions. This gives the industry a critical role to play if the UK is to reach its commitment to bring all greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050.

The objective is to showcase best practice within the sector, inspire industry leaders to take action and to develop a set of recommendations from a cross-section of the industry that can be taken forward to COP26.

This third webinar will discuss how the pandemic has accelerated shifts in consumer behaviour, including a sharper focus on buying environmentally friendly products. Designing sustainable products can give businesses a competitive advantage, but with more consumers demanding ethical, sustainable products, more pressure is being put on businesses to deliver across their supply chain and wider network.

During the webinar discussion focussed on crucial topics to the net zero agenda, including:

· Innovative technologies: exploring new innovative technologies that are being developed to increase sustainability and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

· Changes in consumer behaviour: how consumer behaviours have changed to reflect more purposeful and environmentally conscious mindsets, and how businesses are dealing with and keeping up with this change.

· Communication with wider network: looking at how organisations can ensure sustainable and compliant collaboration within the supply chain and the organisations that they work with.

· Encouraging further sustainability: looking at how businesses market their products to consumers and organisations, to encourage others to be more sustainable.

· Role of authorities: looking at what more governments and local authorities can do to encourage sustainable production practices.

Hosted virtually the webinar was widely viewed by leaders from the UK’s manufacturing industry, including larger businesses, start-ups and academics.

Fashion-Enter CEO Jenny Holloway opened by explaining the services her company provides and how it has become pivotal in creating a more sustainable fashion industry. She then went on to explain how Fashion-Enter advises and supports up and coming brands to become more ethical and sustainable, along with the challenges the company has faced along the way.

Jenny was joined by other industry professionals including; Toby McCartney, CEO, Macrebur Roads, Frank Millar, CEO, CPI, Edward Pegram, Commercial Partnerships Manager, Raleigh and Maurits van Tol, CTO, Johnson Matthey.

The next webinar ‘The Business Case for the Green Transition’ will take place 28th September at 8.30am tap here to find out more and join.

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