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Supply Chain Transparency is Right Here!


Today (24th April), five-years ago, marks anniversary of the tragic Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh. The garment factory collapse claimed the lives of 1,134 people and injured over 2,500. Workers at Rana Plaza had previously expressed their concern over the safety of the building and just one day before had evacuated the building due to structural concerns. However, workers were coerced by their superiors to re-enter the building and get on with their work the following day, a decision that cost thousands of lives.

Away from all the glamour of the catwalk and photo shoots fashion has a very poor track record across the entire supply chain from polluting the environment to workers rights and sub-contracting work to unethical and unsafe factories. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. It’s true that the demand for cheap, throwaway clothing has resulted in unsustainably low pay for workers growing our textiles and making our clothes – but this cannot continue.

Since the Rana Plaza disaster we, FashionCapital and sister company Fashion Enter, have joined the Fashion Revolution to question – ‘who made your clothes?’ And we have been proud to answer that ‘we made your clothes’ right here, in our ethical and compliant factory based in North London. As a key supplier to ASOS.com amongst other leading retailers we now make up 10,000 garments a week in a safe, productive and happy working environment where workers get paid properly. It can be done and it just goes to show that production in the UK can be cost effective and viable.

Our leading light in ensuring every part of the manufacturing process is delivered effectively and transparently is the implementation of the Galaxius system. Galaxius is an online system that documents the whole journey of the garment – all the way from sampling to delivery, it gives real time information about the machinists. The machinists scan a code and it will tell us what the garment is, what they are working to, what the rate is. It has absolutely revolutionised our factory. As the CEO of FashionCapital & Fashion Enter Jenny Holloway says: “This is what transparency really looks like – GALAXIUS!”

To view at short YouTube video view on the Galaxius system click here

Today, 24th April, the Tiverton Primary Choir will sing on our factory floor, a poignant moment to reflect on the anniversary of the horrific Rana Plaza disaster. The children will also have a guided tour around the factory to understand the importance of science, technology engineering and maths in fashion firsthand.

We are transparent, proud and proof that garment factories do not need to cut corners to chase profit.

To find out more about Fashion Revolution and to view their Transparency Index 2018 click here

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