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Repurpose by Oliver Spencer and Recomme


On Tuesday 21st November, Fashion-Enter Ltd attended the launch of Repurpose by Oliver Spencer.

Repurpose is a new sustainability initiative by Oliver Spencer, powered by Recomme, and is one of the UK’s first ever 360 circularity solutions. The service aims to harness the resale and recycle circular economy, extending the life-cycle of Oliver Spencer garments, with the aim of environmental footprint reduction and a ‘money off next purchase’ incentive.

So, how does it work? If you have an old Oliver Spencer garment that has reached the end of its wearable life, you can bring it back in-store or send it back via an online process. Once received, it will be repurposed down one of the brands bespoke routes. As a token of appreciation for participating in this initiative, you will be sent a voucher to put towards another Oliver Spencer product as a way of saying thank-you for making a responsible choice.

Designer, Oliver Spencer (speaking at the launch right) and Tom Grafton, founder of Recomme officially launched the initiative and there was also a panel discussion on circularity moderated by BBC presenter, Nihal Arthanayake. 

Panellists included: Caroline Rush, CEO of the British Fashion Council, Oliver Spencer, Founder of Oliver Spencer & Favourbrook, Simon Platts, CEO Recomme and ex Director of Sourcing and ESG ASOS, Sue Fairly, Head of Sourcing, Sustainability and Quality of New Look and Cyndi Rhodes, CEO Circle-8 Textile Ecosystems, Founder of Worn Again Technologies & Co-Founder of World Circular Textiles Day.

The launch attracted a number of industry professionals including Fashion-Enter Ltd’s CEO Jenny Holloway, she commented: “This was a really fantastic, uplifting event, the place was packed and there was some big-hitters from the fashion industry and the upcycling / recycling industry too. A very positive address was given from all the panellists and clearly there is a commitment to extending the life of all garments. 

“Simon has been a long time friend of Fashion-Enter and we did not wish to be controversial at this particular event. However, I was itching to ask with all this talk about decarbonisation how many of the products of New Look are actually made within the UK!

“There was lots of talk about AI and predictive forecasting where surely it is better to make to demand! All these capabilities are available in the UK and it’s a pity that all the retailers don’t embrace new technology going forward. Nevertheless, this was a fantastic event and Recomme have the full support of Fashion-Enter and its merry team!”

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