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Meet Fashion Studio Client: Good Wash DayⓇ


Good Wash DayⓇ specialises in organic jersey cotton towels for healthy, happy hair. Meet Karen Saull the founder of this niche brand, here she explains how she came up with the brand concept and how FashionCapital and the Fashion Studio helped her develop her brand that now sells all over the world.

‘I had straightened my hair for 20+ years until I started embracing my curls in early Spring 2020. I went down a rabbit hole researching how to look after curly hair. Everything I read suggested swapping regular terry towels for ‘T-shirt towels’, or even T-shirts themselves.

‘I wanted to buy one of these T-shirt towels, made from organic jersey cotton, big enough to wrap my hair in, in a range of colourful options, ethically sourced and made in the UK. I couldn’t find such an item, so I created one.

‘In terms of manufacturing, I wanted the quality to match the high-end fabric and lux (yet eco-friendly) packaging. I knew the towels needed to be expertly made, and at volume, because I wanted to be able to quickly scale. After yet more research I found FashionCapital. From the moment I made contact I have been so impressed with their ethos. We had an initial consultation where any questions I had were answered. Since then we have settled into a pattern which suits my business: I really enjoy the dependable working relationship we have developed and I continue to appreciate what FashionCapital stands for: I know I can rely on them to make every single towel with care and consistency.

‘And the best bit…six months on and my towels are used all over the world by people with curly hair, wavy hair and straight hair. Hair is most vulnerable when wet and regular towels can be too harsh. Jersey cotton towels can reduce friction, damage, split ends, dryness, drying time and excess frizz: I believe we all want that, no matter our hair type! I also discovered early on that my towels can be beneficial to those who have experienced hair loss, through illness or treatment, due to how lightweight and comfortable they are. Every month I donate some towels for this reason.

‘I’m excited about the future of Good Wash DayⓇ, and I hope to continue working closely with FashionCapital.’

To view Karen’s brand and products visit: https://www.goodwashday.com/

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