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London Fashion Week SS21 Vinti Andrews – Reconstruct, Recycle & Repurpose


Design duo Vinti Tan and Paul Andrews captured the spirit of the times with their latest SS21 Vinti Andrews collection. Keen advocates of reconstruction, recycling and repurposing, their latest designs were created against the backdrop of lockdown. Finding freedom in a world full of uncertainty but free from expectation, they set about using recycled fabrics, leftover materials, a pair of found 80’s curtains, garments from local charity shops and repurposed boat sails left behind at the Torquay yacht club.

Decamping from the city to Torquay, the collection is themed around memories of the English coast – summers in Devon by the seaside, all night parties around fires on the beach, waking up with the sun in your eyes, sand and seaweed in your hair. Design classics are given a new twist when deconstructed and turned inside out, tailoring is combined with street / sportswear and the overall look provides lots of handcrafted and reworked details.

Presented on Day 2 of London of Fashion Week the duo showcased their graphic and innovative designs as a short fashion film, shot with two models on location in Torbay with an all local cast and crew. This collection truly represents a snapshot of today, giving new life to old fabrics with an injection of contemporary creativity and influences. The fact that the entire collection was created from recycled and leftover fabrics is highly commendable and surely an ethos the fashion industry needs to embrace on a larger scale.


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