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Kornit Fashion Week Presents Fashion’s Future


It has been a hectic 3-days (15 – 17 May 2022) for the Fashion-Enter team as Kornit Fashion Week landed in London. As a Kornit Digital partner Fashion-Enter’s HQ in Haringey is also the home of the FashTech Innovation Centre where on-demand, no-waste digital printing takes place! 

Just one-week ago these impressive Kornit Digital printers were busy printing fabrics for the many collections on show at the event from designers such as Preen, Manish Arora, LOVE HERO, House of Jaffa and Julia Clancey.  Situated right next to our manufacturing facilities garments were turned around in days rather than months, pioneering demand driven production with absolutely no waste!

Images from the Manish Arora show

Throughout the event attendees were ferried from the Freemasons’ Hall in Covent Garden to the FashTech Innovation Centre in Haringey to fully experience how Kornit Digital and one-stop, micro-factory production works. Groups were taken on tours around the FashionCapital Factory directly after visiting the FashTech Innovation Centre in the neighbouring unit. 

Guests visit the FashTech Innovation Centre and Fashion-Enter factory

Attendees were given an in-depth explanation of the new ‘on demand’ technology, followed by live demonstrations carried out by the team. Visiting the factory next door helped guests see the entire process from digital print to finished product. It also allowed for a deep discussion on the future of the fashion industry by comparing traditional production methods with this on-site micro-factory business model.

Fashion-Enter CEO Jenny Holloway said: “The last three days have just been utterly amazing – 35-years plus in fashion and I realise that this really is now a new age. There are no structured buying seasons anymore! 

“The catwalk shows at Freemasons’ Hall were as individual as the designers, an elegant 94-year-old model really stole the show! The guest speakers blew my mind – Bobby Simms is a guru for the future. 

“So thank-you to the amazing Kornit team for allowing us to be part of this transformational fashion journey. We provided guided tours of exactly how the pixels relate to product reality and just have to reiterate NONE of this is possible without our glorious highly skilled machinists! Well done all!”

Fashion-Enter’s Leah Martin attended the Kornit Fashion Week London event at the Freemasons’ Hall. Here is her review:

Whilst waiting for fashion shows, guests were invited to walk around Freemasons’ Hall, where art and fashion displays were on show. Near the entrance stood an installation of clothing wrapped in barbed wire alongside a simple white t-shirt. This was to demonstrate ‘on-demand’ and how Kornit devises technology to reduce waste.

Another display used fashion as a way to help the conflict that is happening in the Ukraine with a range of t-shirts available to purchase and the proceeds going to charity.

Within the reception stood a booth consisting of neon lights, cameras, and a widescreen. Guests were invited to have their pictures taken to test Kornit’s digital fashion technology. Guest could then choose a garment to digitally wear from one of the designer’s collections on show and could download their images through a QR code to keep.

Just Hype image by Haydon Perrior

‘On the catwalk Just Hype presented twenty looks comprising of oversized, exaggerated streetwear silhouettes. While many designers on show were all about bright patterns and prints Just Hype stuck to a dark palette of black and grey contrasted with pops of pink, red and cream this was combined with a selection of prints and slogans depicting the darker side of love.’

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