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Islington Residents – Circular Economy Grants Now Available!


Islington Council is partnering with ReLondon to offer grants and expert advice to small businesses based in Islington to help reduce waste by adopting Circular Economy principles and playing a vital role in tackling climate change!

The grants are available to businesses that offer products and services that reduce waste and increase levels of recycling, reuse, repair, sharing and renting in the London borough of Islington, and to those that are keen to start.

Grants of £5,000 or £10,000 will be available for small, Islington-based businesses (<50 employees) who are looking to either try a circular business model for the first time or scale up one they already offer. 

A selection of grantees will also receive dedicated support from a ReLondon business advisor to make their ideas a reality and increase their chance of success. 

The circular economy grants aim to:

ReLondon is particularly interested in hearing from small businesses in the fashion and textiles sectors. Islington’s small businesses can apply for Circular Economy grant funding by filling in an application form here.

Applications are open till 27th February 2022.

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