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Introducing Grattitude – A Philanthropic Fashion Solutions Company


Exposed in the press in recent times is the industry-wide practise of incinerating unsold stock, a common practice with luxury labels that need to ensure their brand image is maintained which they have invested a good deal of time and money in. However, there has to be a better way that can benefit society, the planet and our eco-system while keeping a luxury brands’ integrity intact. Step forward Grattitude, a philanthropic fashion solutions company that can help high-end brands shift their unsold stock as ethically as possible.

Grattitude, as the name implies, exists to express the company’s appreciation to those who truly benefit all of us, these amazing people perform their jobs selflessly on a daily basis, mostly not receiving a salary that is in line with the invaluable duties they perform, some voluntarily donating their time without taking payment. These key & volunteer workers who continue to provide essential services deserve our “Grattitude”. The company strives to bring greater recognition and reward for their contribution to us all by providing some luxury that can seldom be afforded to them due to their remuneration and the high cost of these items.

To Grattitude it makes no sense to not allow these luxury items to be appreciated the way they were originally conceived and created for. Grattitude collaborates with fashion brands to determine the right way to reallocate their stock, from simply re-labelling, changing the hardware/buttons, or a complete re-design of the raw materials provided, amongst several other options. All clothing and accessory products will be processed and modified (where necessary) at Fashion Enter’s Factory in North London, the perfect partner given that it is a non-profit social enterprise that has been SMETA audited and has a leading status with the Fast Forward audit.

In order to avoid a secondary market where purchasers may look to profit by reselling such an exclusive item and in turn possibly damaging the host brand each product will be implanted with an RFID microchip so it can be traced to each individual original purchaser to avoid any repeated actions.

Further to stock processing Grattitude will market to members via a dedicated members online webstore, iOS and Android apps. They will also collaborate with key workers unions and memberships schemes to organise nationwide pop up shops for end user clients. However, this is not the end of the story, from the profits of the process Grattitde will seek and actively donate to local charity and social enterprise projects, these projects will range from providing facilities for under privileged adults and children, to environmental and animal rescue projects through to social enterprise schemes providing much needed support for those who need a helping hand to get themselves the much needed self-confidence and belief that requires more than just a prize possession.

Grattitude’s aim is to provide fully transparent benefits throughout local and national communities through social enterprise and charity, rewarding key and volunteer workers, reducing environmental impact from landfill and carcinogens/air pollution from incineration all while returning profit to brands and invaluable PR amongst investors, clients and the public at large. This publicised wastage has caused an enormous amount of negative perceptions against many leading luxury brands, and now the industry desperately needs to up its game in terms of environmental and social impact and Grattitude, along with Fashion Enter hope to contribute to some positive and workable solutions.



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