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From One Social Enterprise to Another: LEYF X Fashion – Enter


Children across all of London Early Years Foundation’s (LEYF) 39 charitable social enterprise nurseries are now sporting sustainably produced aprons which will be worn when cooking with chefs and during the serving of meals.

The collaboration with Fashion-Enter, also a not-for-profit, social enterprise that has designed and produced the aprons using end-of-life fabrics and a non-water-based print, has helped reduce landfill and carbon emissions. 

This forms part of Green LEYF’s commitment to sustainability and its approach to food, nutrition and meals whereby children of all ages develop social skills and independence, such as by helping babies learn to feed themselves, toddlers to use cutlery and pre-schoolers to serve themselves. 

June O’Sullivan, CEO of LEYF says: “As an organisation which puts children first, it’s crucial that we find ways of approaching the problem of traceability and this must start by building more direct relationships with suppliers, such as Fashion Enter who provide full visibility into their facilities, their people and their supply chain.”  

Jenny Holloway CEO of Fashion-Enter adds: “We are delighted to use our end-of-life fabrics in such a productive way and are thrilled with the end result. We’ve used advanced technologies from Kornit for printing the LEYF logo who are the most sustainable printer in the world.  Now is the time for everyone to consider the importance of stopping landfill and reducing carbon emissions. Why buy from overseas when people should be buying from the UK and safeguarding jobs.”


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