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Fashion Watchdog: TraidCraft Exchange Petition


In June FashionCapital reported that the UK government has agreed to create a powerful new Fashion Watchdog that will target worker exploitation within the garment manufacturing sector. However, with the Government’s Ministers for Business still on the fence TraidCraft Exchange have set up on online petition.

Much has been written and said about the plight of garment factories that are owed excessive amounts throughout the pandemic by the retailer big guns. TraidCraft Exchange has been assessing the impact internationally: £12bn clothes not paid for from Bangladesh £2.4 – £4.3bn owed in wages. International Labour Organisation quoted 86m people were in extreme hardship, as they were not paid and that the UK retail industry was the worst – owing over £750m to Bangladesh.

This is not only an international problem, here in the UK there has been unrealistic price pressures on suppliers resulting in one of the main reasons why cash payments of £3 to £5 per hour for skilled workers has been highlighted.

An adjudicator would help regulate the industry and create a Principle for Fair Dealings Plan; this has already been established in the Grocery Industry. Abusive buying practices have fallen from 79% in 2014 to 29% in 2021. An anonymous system works for suppliers to complain and fees are imposed on the retailers.

Fiona Gooch, senior private sector policy adviser at Traidcraft Exchange, has set up a petition for a Fashion Watchdog to have legal powers, which is under consideration by the Government Department for Business now. Please add emphasis and support this campaign tap the link to read and sign the petition: https://action.traidcraft.org.uk/tell-government-we-want-fashion-watchdog

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