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Fashion: #LoveNotLandfill


Despite all the press and social media coverage on recycling and waste within the fashion industry the UK is still dumping 35 million fast fashion fixes in to landfill each year!

Today, 13th September 2018, a new London based eco-fashion campaign, #LoveNotLandfill, has launched with the aim to educate the 16 – 24 year-old sector and increase their recycling habits.

The #LoveNotLandfill campaign, co-funded by the EU and London Waste And Recycling Board (LWARB), recently commissioned a nationwide poll to better understand the attitude of 16-24 year olds towards clothing disposal.

When it comes to fashion, young British 16 – 24 year olds love to shop. Each week, they buy approx. 4.1 million items of clothing to stay up to date with the latest trends.  But whilst they grow ever more stylish, the flip side sees a massive 35 million items thrown in the bin by 16-24 year olds each year.

The results prove that more must be done to help them change their recycling habits:

The majority do not realise they can put damaged/stained/faded clothes into clothes banks, all of which can be recycled for industrial use. A massive 63% of under 24 year olds said they were unaware you could donate stained clothes and 40% do not recycle faded items.

The poll also uncovered a general misconception of what clothing items can go into a clothes bank. For instance, 70% of respondents assumed bras would be unwanted, when in actual fact they have a high resale value in many of the international destinations that UK clothes are sold to, such as Africa and Eastern Europe. The same goes for fancy dress.

The #LoveNotLandfill campaign will position bright and eye-catching clothes banks in busy shopping locations around London to make them particularly accessible for young fashion lovers.

Bambi, who is often dubbed the ‘Female Banksy’, has created a striking image of a young girl holding up a dress with disdain!  This image has been sprayed onto a limited number of banks placed in TopShop’s Oxford Circus store, Beyond Retro in Great Marlborough Street and Ealing Broadway Shopping Centre, plus two more coming later in September in Westfield’s shopping centres in Shepherd’s Bush and Stratford. The image is Bambi’s characteristically tongue-in-cheek way of encouraging young people to use the clothes banks.

Bambi shot to notoriety when she created a controversial mural of Theresa May and Donald Trump dancing together, called ‘Lie Lie Land’. Her fans include global rock and pop stars and it’s been known for entire walls featuring her artwork to be stolen.  Bambi says: “I think people will be shocked how many clothes end up in landfill…. Someone else may love the clothes you no longer want.”

Hannah Carter from #LoveNotLandfill comments: “We want people to stop throwing clothes away and pass them on instead to slow down the pace of fast fashion. We’re not telling them to stop loving fashion. We want them to enjoy their outfits but then dispose of clothes carefully, because all items have a second hand value.” 


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