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Earth Day 2022: Amex Trendex Report Reveals Today’s Consumers Expect More


‘Earth Day’ is just around the corner (22nd April 2022), this year’s theme is to ‘Invest In Our Planet’. Consumers can support this notion by selectively choosing where they spend their hard earned cash, and if the latest research by American Express is anything to go by, they are expecting more from the businesses they buy from.

The latest Amex Trendex report (published 7th April 2022) revealed that 91% of UK adults want companies to address environmental issues and 89% agreed these businesses should be transparent about their climate impact. Over six in 10 (61%) agreed they pay attention to how a business takes action to reduce the impacts of climate change.

For those businesses that do demonstrate action in this critical area, they will be rewarded with a more loyal customer base; Around eight in 10 of UK adults agreed they would choose to shop with a business that takes actions to reduce the impact of climate change (80%), and they would be more likely to trust a company that works to address environmental issues (79%).

The Trendex research showed that consumers are also turning to business for help when it comes to making more informed choices about their purchases. Almost eight in 10 (78%) want companies to educate them on ways to reduce their carbon footprint when shopping with them. Furthermore, 82% of respondents would like companies to provide options to offset carbon emissions associated with their purchases.

Stacey Sterbenz, General Manager, Global Commercial Services UK at American Express, said“The findings of our latest Trendex research clearly show that consumers expect businesses to step up when it comes to plans and policies around tackling climate change. The data also shows a significant opportunity for those companies that are acting on this critical issue, and the role they can play in helping to better inform their customers. At American Express, we’re proud to be helping back our business customers on this journey by offering them tools and insights to reduce their carbon emissions and promote more sustainable spending.”

American Express has committed to achieving net-zero emissions globally by 2035 with $10M in new philanthropic funding to support initiatives addressing climate change through 2025. The company is expanding the availability of cards made from recycled materials globally, with the goal of having the vast majority of plastic cards issued by American Express be made of at least 70% recycled or reclaimed plastic by the end of 2024.

Global American Express corporate clients, including those in the UK, will be offered an expanded Carbon Footprint Dashboard to help track emissions associated with their employees’ travel and entertainment spend – across air travel, ground transportation, hotel stays, restaurants and retail purchases. 

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