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Designer Brand Watch – Camilla Elphick


Launched in 2014, Camilla Elphick is the creative brainchild behind her new, innovative British label. The upcoming designer is fuelled by a long-standing love affair with shoes and goes by her ethos of “good footwear makes a lasting impression”. New York serves as fundamental inspiration for Camilla, and it was in that very city where her first shoe came to light, which essentially launched her passion into creating the unique, exciting brand it is today.

It was during London Fashion Week where Camilla’s completely unique and playful designs were debuted, ultimately capturing the attention of fashion insiders who presented her with a bevy of critical acclaim. The brand takes pride in being an all-female creative team, whose on-going success is down to designing enlightening shoes that are mood-boosting and desirable in equal measures. Among the label’s collections are real conversation pieces – unorthodox heels, small style details including humorous motifs and signature eye-catching silhouettes. It is these elements that make this footwear house distinctive. When you purchase a pair of Camilla Elphick’s shoes you will undoubtedly cherish and adore them – they are accessories that guarantee a feel-good zeitgeist.

Encompassing luxurious quality and ethically sourced fabrics as well as bespoke prints that are hand-crafted and produced in Europe collectively contribute towards being key sentiments that are focused on amid the Camilla Elphick collection. Attaining a global distribution to an impressive number of exclusive retailers, many fashion influencers have additionally adopted a love and an evolving following for the footwear label in question.

The creative director has been the talented recipient of many awards, including Boden x British Fashion Council’s Future British Award 2016, the Walpole Brands of Tomorrow Award 2017 and Positive Luxury’s Butterfly Mark, which acknowledged the company’s commitment towards championing sustainability.

Words by Katie Farley


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