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A Retouch Free Zone: Introducing the Ethical & Honest Beauty Brand SPKTRM


Last week witnessed a refreshing revolution amid the beauty industry – SPKTRM, the world’s first beauty brand to wholeheartedly eliminate skin retouching, officially launched on August 15th. Its inspirational dedication to proposing an alternative to stereotypical beauty brands transpires an empowering quality, where founders Jasmine Glass, AnnaLiisa Benston and Ehile Luna pioneer the authentic beauty of more varied and applicable individuals. SPKTRM’s creators additionally aspire to annihilate improbable beauty ideals at the same time as emboldening their cohorts.

“SPKTRM stands for representation of people from all backgrounds, and all parts of the gender spectrum as well,” explains Jasmine. “We believe in inclusivity as an ideology, and that extends to making our products available to everyone who wants to purchase them. We want everyone to feel seen and valued by us as a brand.”

Devoted to championing and assisting the underserved illustrates the heart of the SPKTRM company. Attaining the opportunity to activate this notion within a beauty space largely resonates with co-founder Ehile, who vocalizes her excitement and how it wonderfully conglomerates with the ways she imagined contributing to the worldwide community. “As a woman who has been among the excluded, the feeling of not being counted is one I know intimately,” she admits. “The importance of seeing oneself mirrored in media has been well studied and documented. It may seem frivolous or even shallow but the fact is, what we consume has an effect on our self-image. Our commitment to non-retouched models and being truly inclusive speaks directly to this.”

In today’s society, it is only equitable to see an authentic unity of faces being exemplified amid the beauty industry and beyond, where Ehile, along with Jasmine and AnnaLiisa, are deeply passionate about the topical concept, channelling a natural passion for the group as a whole. We’re excited to demonstrate this through our upcoming campaigns and the ideas we have to illuminate more diverse voices,” says Ehile. “Inclusivity for us isn’t a tagline or buzzword. It’s something we take very seriously and discuss at length. We want to help fill the beauty gaps in this industry.” To normalize inclusion is key to SPKTRM’s success, where the brand intends to offer an all-encompassing provision to serve anyone aiming to express themselves and enrich their own beauty with make-up.

Paraben free, cruelty-free and PETA certified are all qualities the SPKTRM products possess, with their liquid foundation offering hydrating benefits through hyaluronic acid being their premier product. The brand aims to cultivate a variety of 50+ shades, achieved by the assistance of the campaign guarantors. The brand is affiliated with the LGBTQ community and is obligated to help organizations that benefit disadvantage women, by donating 10% of all profits. The three founders will create a partnership alongside these organizations to certify that their donations will generate an eternal impression.

“SPKTRM Beauty is first and foremost about producing the very best product for our consumer,” deciphers AnnaLiisa. One of the ways we intend to do this is by growing through accelerated programs, like Sephora Stands. This program would also help make our products available nationwide – making our product inclusive by way of access and availability.” Creating more campaign images and continuing to work with mature models and a wide range of body types are additional aspects of brand expansion, designing comprehensive imagery that is an authentic representation of today’s society that makes the public look and thinks, “Wow, I want to see more of that!”

‘Inclusive, honest and ethical’ – no wonder SPKTRM is causing such a stir within beauty and fashion circles.

Words by Katie Farley

Images by Osvaldo Ponton for SPKTRM

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