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Child clothes workers beaten by police officers


The tragedy of everyday life for Bangladeshi workers who produce cheap clothes for Britain’s high streets was revealed yesterday during riots over pay. The workers filled the streets of the capital, Dhaka, angered by the unfulfilled promises for better salary by the newly elected government.

Images from The Guardian

The minimum wage in is £17 a month and despite governmental promises of raising the amount to £48, the workers are still underpaid. More than 15,000 people joined the protests, most of the women and children.

The police targeted children and women with tear gas, water cannon and plastic bullets. The number of injuries is at least 40 people including workers and police officers. The riots spread to most of the manufacturing units in Dhaka.

The British fashion has a major role in supporting Bangladeshi economy. Last year the factories there had an 8 billion turnover which amounts to nearly 80 percent of the country’s total exports.

Clothing prices have been reduced greatly by fashion companies here in London such as Primark and H&M. But it is times like this that make us wonder if the benefits of cheap clothes can make up for the misery of underpaid workers in third world countries.

People are struggling over there to feed themselves and their children. The majority living population live well below the poverty line and have low wages with disastrous consequences on their livelihood.

It is important to realise the abuse and daily humiliation that these workers suffer so we can all enjoy those £1.99 t-shirts.

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