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Topshop Collaboration With PETA


Topshop has also put together a moving display at their Oxford Street branch showing the effects of animal cruelty.


“Topshop knows that the only place for exotic skins is on their original owners. Through the years, Topshop has set the industry standard for promoting animal welfare, and its latest high-profile display at the heart of London’s busiest shopping street will help save many snakes, alligators and other animal victims of the fashion industry from an excruciatingly painful death,” -Yvonne Taylor, senior programme manager at PETA.

The fashion retailer has also recently won the Vegan Fashion Award, and this is not the first time they have joined forces with PETA. The retailer prides itself in its ethical choices, refusing to sell clothing made of fur and skin, opting for cruelty-free alternatives.  Furthermore, they have urged customers to join the petition by pledging never to be exotic skins at ‘PETA.org.uk