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To Make in Britain or to Not?



So with increasing transportation costs, rising exchange rates and maturing wages in China, it’s really no surprise to us that manufacturing is gradually returning to the UK. Multiple companies are bringing their production back to home turf after going abroad to places such as India, China and Pakistan for lower production prices. China and India had the most competitive production rates going as they could make garments for as little as roughly 2.00-3.00 pound; however this has begun to increase due to rise caused by maturing wages.

Multiple factories abroad are now being scrutinized for their health and safety regulations and unethical staff working procedures. Only last year Primark received bad publicity after their Rana Plaza factory in Bangladesh collapsed killing over 1,000 people including girls as young as the age of 13, this negative news was widely broadcasted all over the world giving the fast fashion chain store a bad name.

(Fashion Enter’s Factory located in North London pictured right.)

marks_and_spencer_fashion_enter_labelBritain, once known for its fine tailoring and famous Savile Row, now has the opportunity to prove that it can once again return to its premium quality and high volume production status. And without a doubt Britain is giving its best shot. With many large companies leading the move it is becoming apparent that the public is thirsty and ready for ‘Made in Britain’ garments. Companies such as Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s, John Lewis and George at Asda have all within the last 18 months launched exclusive ‘Made in Britain’ lines.

It is certainly makes sense for companies that originate from the UK to keep their manufacturing on home soil. Brands can take full advantage of the fact they can check up on their factory, visit their production and ensure all health and safety regulations and ethical working conditions are met, as well as knowing that skilled production staff will receive an ethical and fair wage. Not to mention the quick turnaround times this can be as little as a week! (As demonstrated by Fashion Enter’s own factory in North London!)

Brands which have brought their manufacturing back to the UK are now seeing the benefit of paying that little bit extra to get the quantity and assurance that they need.  Production here can be as little as 7.50 per dress however this comes along with the quick turnaround times, insurance of health and safety regulations plus the quality of the garments themselves. Surely British brands along with British production are the way forward for fashion and the country’s economy!

By Abbie Godbold

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