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The Factory Embraces the Revolution!


Fashion Revolution Day (24th April) is all about remembering those lives that were destroyed by the Rana Plaza factory collapse and saying enough is enough, there is no need for slave labour and unethical working conditions in this day and age.

Staunch supporters of the cause Fashion Enter opened their Factory doors and invited all to come an see how a compliant factory works producing ‘Made in Britain’ garments. Staff went #insideout and revealed what labels they were wearing and we took some great images of our skilled machinists. So if you are wearing an item by ASOS.com, IconClub, Marks & Spencer ‘Best of British’, House of Hackney, Michaela Jedinak, PPQ amongst others, then you can be assured that items made at our factory are put together by a skilled workforce that is fairly paid and working in ethical conditions. As it should be!


Anna & Ula at The Factory



Fashion Enter staff at The Factory



The Barbara Hulanicki IconClub label made at The Factory



Jenni Sutton at head office wears Belles of London #insideout



Jadgia at The Factory


Support the revolution – find out who made your clothes and make informed choices.




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