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5 Fashionable Destinations to Visit in 2019


As the world gets smaller, countries are no longer looking to the fashion power-houses to get a sense of what they should be wearing. More than ever, countries are building their own signature style and being proud of their own fashion heritage. As a result, some unsuspecting destinations are becoming more fashionable than ever to visit – and perhaps indulge in some retail therapy in.


1. Vienna

Vienna might be comparatively small when it comes to fashion-conscious cities, but when it comes to style it is certainly mighty. Its architecture looks stunning all year round, whether it’s coated in snow or sunshine, and its fashion-sense has stayed evergreen too. This is partly thanks to the Lindengasse Fashion Mile, which is at the very centre of the of the Neubau creative district. Somewhere to look out for is Tiberius, which is a label and concept store blended into one. It sells soon-to-be-famous labels and has everything you could want from a department store.


2. Amsterdam

While Amsterdam might not come to mind as the being fashionable when compared to the likes of Milan or Tokyo, its abundance of boutiques makes for a fashion-hunter’s dream location. The tall, narrow Dutch-style buildings mean that quantity and quality can happily go together in this city. For those who are looking for a LGBT-friendly bar to go after a hard day’s shopping, Amsterdam also excels in progressive districts. Hunting round websites such as Mr Hudson Explores should provide you with some ideas when it comes to finding where to go.


3. Vancouver

While we’re on the topic of being progressive, Canada seems to also consistently excel, whether it’s political progression or style progression. Canada’s fashion brands are certainly reflective of the country’s frosty weather conditions, as their popular exports tend to lean towards the chunkier, more robust style-sense. The result is a look that almost resembles Scandinavian chic.


4. Copenhagen

Just like Canada, Copenhagen has proved that you don’t need to be dripping in finery to excel at fashion. The effortless chic that has become the heart of Scandinavian style takes centre stage in Copenhagen, though that doesn’t mean there aren’t splashes of colour. Just take a look at the clothes from Copenhagen Fashion Week, which exhibits a surprising amount of bold and playful colour that will surely be copied by fashionistas around the world.


5. Rome

Classic architecture will always have ever-lasting beauty, and it would seem the residents of Rome have taken up a stiff competition with the surrounding buildings. Not only do the Italian residents of this historically infamous city dress exceptionally well, but luxurious designer brands such as Fendi and Bulgari are also based there. Whether you indulge in some Italian-style gold trim or some simple monochrome – be careful how you eat your pasta.

When it comes to fashionable destinations, it’s time to start thinking of the less obvious. While the big-hitters might have all the designer and high-profile labels you could want, plenty of other countries that are less famous for their fashion sense are also excelling at producing catwalk-worthy looks.

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