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shirt Workers Paid Just 30p per Hour


The contract has since been cancelled by Momentum campaign group who sourced the £10 T shirts from a factory in Baipayl, however how did this happen in the first place?

The fashion industry has campaigned for complete transparency ever since the Rana Plaza tragedy on 24th April 2013 when 1, 134 people were killed and over 2,500 injured when a factory in Bangladesh collapsed. A fashion revolution was born asking one simple question ‘who made my clothes’?

whomade2Fashion Enter ‘I made your Clothes’ campaign on Fashion Revolution Day

In a 2014 debate in the House of Commons on Bangladesh, Mr Corbyn said:

We have to think about the cheap clothes that we buy on the high streets of this country, and indeed of the United States and the rest of Europe, and the appalling working conditions that are behind all that.Corbyn has previously attacked high-street retailers for selling clothes made in “appalling working conditions“.

resized2The Factory

Corbyn should be looking closer to home and using a fully compliant ethical factory in the UK to produce his campaign T shirts. Our Factory, in North London produces 8,000 units each week and has recently been awarded a leading status with the new Fast Fashion audit, only received by two companies out of 360!

We will be inviting the labour leader to visit our compliant factory. Watch this space!  

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