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Ethical Fashion at its Finest


‘Everything One Off. Everything from Textile Waste. Everything Made in England’

Everything In Colour is a start-up company by Grace Clark and Anna Crawley who produce one-off items that are hand-made using reclaimed or recycled fabrics. The designer duo were former costume designers based in Hackney Wick, and started this sustainable fashion brand. The staff are paid a living wage, with prices starting at £10. So what could be wrong about this ethical company – NOTHING! 


So where did using companies’ left over material to create brand new pieces and reduce textile waste come from?

Grace Clark and Anna Crawley come from a background of designing from stage and screen costumes, from the likes of Harry Potter and theatre show ‘Waiting for Godot’. During Crawley’s time working in theatre in 2013 she was hired by the charity Fara, in which the workshop – an Islington charity shop that upcycled donated items. After the charity store was shut down because ‘brand success was not matched by economic success.’

The pair explain that ‘we saw there was a market that was missing’ and found that ‘fashion companies have such high fabric costs and have to pay to get rid of it whereas we have to pay to pick it up – that’s a win-win situation.’

For Everything In Colour the priority is ‘whether you’ll like a piece of clothing’. This comes from the fact that ‘sustainable clothes aren’t normally contemporary’ and there is much negativity that surrounds ‘fast-fashion’ with many people either not fussed with manufacturing or more concerned with concept rather than style. Therefore Crawley and Clark started this company to meet in the middle of fashion standards.

eicBuilding the company…

The start-up company were lucky to have funds that raised money for them. ‘Crowdfunding website Kickstarter raised about £10, 000’  they used this funding on wages, equipment brought from the Fara Workshop and a rented studio which opened last May in Hackney. In addition, the Federicks Foundation Loan ‘helped cover input costs’ with another £10,000.

They also used the help of ‘freelancer Rosie Gineva’ who is credited for being a ‘super-maker’.

Success so far…

One of Britain’s most popular high-street brands Topshop found their designs and they gained an extended five month deal with them (originally eight weeks), being able to place their garments in the Oxford Street flagship store.

Everything In Colour was also the 2015 winner of Time Out Love London Awards, for their one-off pieces made from donated or discarded fabrics. They are recognised for ‘teaching shoppers to do the same at in-store workshops.’ Their products are ‘cool’ and their ability to create ‘beautiful clothes that just happen to be ethically made and cheap’ is credited.

The Future for Everything In Colour…

The future plan is to make sure prices continue to be ‘as low as possible’, also ‘more stocklists are being sought’ as the company is ‘in discussions with Topman.’ Furthermore, the foreseeable future may see the company going into wholesale, along with considering going abroad to other ethical fashion centres, such as in Berlin. The duo are aiming to focus on prioritising ‘PR and marketing’ especially with social media.

Images Courtsey of Everything in Colour instagram page @eic_london 

By Shivanee Tailor

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