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Designer Women’s Autumn Trends 2017


As another season begins it’s a good time to look through your wardrobe and get rid of clothes that won’t work in the coming months. This leaves lots of space for new trends and The Luxury Arcade have put together their guide to the top trends of 2017. 

Shout All About It

Give your followers a boost when buying designer women’s clothes in Abu Dhabi by following the trend for positive slogans on just about everything. Sneak a nod to the trend with a single word like “Defy” on a bag or wear your affirmative message on your front for all the world to see. 

Boho or No? 

Boho is a style that never seems to really die – it just keeps on getting reinvented. Earlier this year we saw the Mix-and-Match trend and this season it’s teaming up with the Boho look to give us patchwork dresses, velvet patches and patterns galore. Long dresses give plenty of space to have a plethora of patterns and to mix and match textures. This is a trend that just keeps on getting better and better. 

The Bodysuit 

Always a classic the bodysuit keeps making a reappearance because they look so darn good. You never need to worry about your top riding up or wrinkling and they are available in lots of different styles including on-trend cold shoulder designs. You can even get them trimmed with lace if you want to combine two trends in one. 

Bold and Gold 

Gold jewellery never goes out of fashion and it’s in this year even bigger and better than ever before. Think bling. Think pompoms and tassels made from this gorgeous metal. Cold-shoulder and bardot tops give you plenty of space to show off as much glitter as you can so choose a pair of big, bold, gold chandelier earrings to frame your features. 

Distressed Jeans 

Despite their scruffy appearance, there’s an awful lot you can do with a pair of distressed jeans so this is a trend that is sure to stay around. Dress it down with an over-sized printed Tee and a silky bomber or dress them up with a smart chiffon blouse and heels for a look that says “I don’t care about my appearance because I know I’m worth it”. 

Red Head

Red is the colour you need to be concentrating on as it has been seen on every catwalk. And not just one or two pieces of red to accessorise – you need to be thinking red red red. Red pants, a red shirt and a red coat on top and a pair of red boots pulling it all together. Keep it all the same shade for maximum impact. 

Fluffy Features 

Have fun with feathers and risk all with ruffles. Playful clothes with lots of texture and movement are another trend we are going to be seeing much more of in the next few months. Whether you want to just accessorise with a pair of feather earrings or a pompom on your shoe or want to go totally head first into the trend with a ruffled blouse it’s up to you. 

Big Is Better 

Everything seems to be over-sized this season. Huge jumpers and bags you could go on holiday with were extremely popular. But this is one trend you don’t want to over-do. Pair your over-sized jumper with floaty feminine skirt to tone it down somewhat. And in a trend that is carrying on from Spring/Summer 2017 throw on some seriously solid bovver boots in a nod to the Mix-and-Match trend we saw earlier in the year. 

With the tips above, there’s no reason not to find a trend that suits you this season and well into the next.


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