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Up as a Supplier to ASOS.com

November 30, 2023 - November 30, 2023   

In a committed bid to become supply chain transparent ASOS.com is about to publish its factory list on its corporate website and we are proud to say that our Factory based in Haringey, North London is on that list and has achieved a Green 4 leading status.

Fashion Enter’s – The Factory is one of two that has achieved a Green 4 leading status. These factory audits are rated from red (for those that include critical breaches to Code of Conduct), to orange to green (the ideal rating meaning that the factory is low risk and compliant.)

It has taken ASOS numerous years to build on its Ethical Trade programme, the company first joined the UK’s Ethical Trade Initiative 8 years ago, implementing an audit programme, developing partnerships, and working directly with supplier colleagues to move ‘beyond audit’, to make positive changes.

Over the last decade customer awareness has grown surrounding the ethics of how a garment is produced. ASOS.com customers are demanding more and more information about the clothes they buy and the brand is keen to ensure they are doing all they can that their garments are being produced responsibly and ethically across the entire supply chain.

The UK Modern Slavery Act has introduced additional criteria around transparency and NGO’s like Oxfam, Labour Behind the Label, Fashion Revolution and other lobby groups are increasingly campaigning in this area, using social media and the press to drive change. As a result companies such as ASOS.com, are working diligently with trusted partners, are now choosing to publish their factory lists to demonstrate their commitment to responsible sourcing.

For The Factory, Fashion Enter’s manufacturing unit, this drive for brands to work towards complete transparency marks a positive step forward for the industry. As a SMETA approved and fast fashion audited factory based in the UK The Factory’s success is down to its backing from ASOS.com, who have fully supported it, along with Fashion Enter’s learning facilities from day 1.

CEO Jenny Holloway comments:
“Our Factory operates totally transparently and ethically proving you can make garment manufacturing successfully in the UK today. Having worked so closely with ASOS.com for the last 8-years I have the highest respect and admiration for the ethos of the company. Without ASOS.com we would not be here today, they have fully supported our learning facilities, Factory and the growth of ‘Made in Britain’ production and their dedicated effort to become publicly transparent will hopefully lead the way for other brands to follow suit.”

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