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Sampling is a vital part of the design process. You may require a toile, a first fit sample, red/green seals or a showman sample. Whatever you require we will be able to support you. 

The Fashion Studio service is a unique service that offers pattern making and sampling. There are no minimum orders. The maximum order for the Fashion Studio is 300 and from 300 plus orders are transferred to the Factory which is located on the same site.

The costing for samples is based on time and there is a dedicated rate per hour. The current rate is £26.50 plus VAT per hour for non-members and £22.50 plus VAT for members. Members orders also take priority over non-members samples too.

We can also support you with fabrics. As we buy bulk fabric for orders for our major clients such as we can obtain competitive prices and, more importantly, we can offer continuity of cloth and colour. 

We discuss the garments with you and your requirements and write down your specifications in Fit Logs. Our machinists are highly trained, quick and skilled.

Sampling enquiries This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.