Fashion Enter, sister company to, is England's leading provider for the Fashion and Textiles Apprenticeship programme offering Level 2 Apparel Apprenticeship, Level 3 Diploma in Apparel Footwear, Leather or Production and Certificate in Apparel Manufacturing Technology, and Level 4 Technical Textiles – Product Sourcing and Development.

In 2013 Fashion Enter was awarded The Tick Mark of Excellence by Creative Skillset for its training standards provision and is now an accredited Showcase Centre through ABC Awards due to its high standard of excellence attained in training at all levels.


Showcase Centre Logo - Fashion  Textiles 2014-15


The Fashion and Textiles Apprenticeship programme is a unique combination of training and career specific work experience. The apprentice will be working with one employer for the entire course therefore providing an opportunity for both the employer and the individual to develop a long and sustainable relationship.

To review each level on the programme please follow the links below:

Level 2 Apparel Apprenticeship
Level 3 Diploma in Apparel, Footwear, Leather or Production
ertificate in Apparel Manufacturing Technology
Level 4 Technical Textiles – Product Sourcing and Development 

The minimum entry requirement to gain access to the qualification is four C grades at GCSE level, the equivalent or professional experience and to be committed to the interview process.

For further information please contact us. 

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