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Moodboards are a series of images, drawings and fabrics, as well as any other inspirational ideas. All the elements of the moodboard are uniquely combined to portray a selected fashion theme or statement that summarises a forthcoming collection. They are used to develop the style and colour requirements of the brief.

The moodboard is a visual representation or the interpretation of the design brief, and will always include a range of images which can be as diverse
*current fashion
*designer icons
*fine and contemporary art, architecture
*fashion through history
*tribal accessories and nomadic groups
*cultural dress
*ceramics and pottery
*fashion books
*material such as minute detail such as silk threads
*Images from nature such as bark on trees and the morning dew.

Anything and everything can be incorporated into the theme for true inspiration and interpretation of a fashion trend.
In addition a summary moodboard will also display the colours used in the fashion statement too. This is  normally six to eight colours per collection.

All the moodboards we create at Fashion Capital also contain the pantone colour reference numbers, an industry standard, used for colour matching. This is important are also provided to help you every step of the way.
Use your Moodboard visual stimulus, and as a means of communicating with others in your team about the development of design ideas for a collection.

Once developed the next step would be to create your Trend and Concept boards.

- The sources of inspiration (the Mood Board)
The next steps after the moodboard
- The Colour Story
- The Fabric Story
- Styling
- Price
- Key/Principal Specifications
- Visual Merchandising (how the product will be sold)

Once Moodboards are created in the design office, they can easily be scanned, or digitally photographed, ready for key presentations, and discussion.

Womenswear MoodBoards Autumn/Winter 08/09
Colour Pop, Hollywood Glam and Eco Green and Opulant Orange...
Womenswear Moodboards Autumn/Winter 07/08
Deco Sixties, Russian Winter Wonderland and Ziggi Stardust...
Womenswear MoodBoards Autumn/Winter 06/07
Womenswear MoodBoards Spring/Summer 2008
Evening Pastels, Rustic Texture, Fresh and Fruity and Metallic Magic...
Womenswear MoodBoards Spring/Summer 2007
Womenswear MoodBoards Spring/Summer 2006
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