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Business Support Organisations (BSOs) are available throughout the UK to help your business succeed. Some of these organisations are private and membership fees may be payable whilst other companies are finacially supported by the pubic sector and offer free advise and support. These type of companies are also known as Third Sector or Not for Profit.
The BSO Directory provides you with a list of orgaisations, trade bodies and associations that operate within the fashion industry.
There is a generic UK wide map and also regional maps too that list any related company that can help your business succeed. In certain cases fashioncapital.co.uk has recieved funding to have more detailed information in certain boroughs such as Barking & Dagenham, Croydon and Haringey where fashioncapital is based with Fashion Enter Ltd. For further information contact emily@fashioncapital.co.uk
BSO Network UK
  Our Regional Network
(South west England)
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Our local Network
  Our local Network
  Our local Network
(Barking & Dagenham)
Haringey  Map
  Croydon Map
  Barking Dagenham Map


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